our story


Yellow Moon Construction began in late 2012.  In fact, it began as the harvest moon waned low in the sky, large and with a deep glowing yellow that stole our attention as we pondered what to call this new chapter in our careers and lives. Not having to think twice about it, Yellow Moon Construction became the title of this new and exciting adventure. 

It is no secret that as a collective, general contractors are regarded with relative unease and caution. More often than not, the experiences homeowners receive are disheartening and the outcome is not what they had hoped for. Whether it’s the quality of work or the quality of treatment, there is and has always been too much disappointment for the type of investment being made and the level of trust being offered and expected. 

Before I started this business, which began as a partnership and healthily evolved into an independent venture, I had worked as a superintendent, foreman, lead carpenter and all the stages prior within many different companies.  Every company was different and had different core values, though many had priority of financial gain above concern for their client and employee welfare. I could not in good conscience continue working in environments and within business structures, that kept perpetuating this status quo of contractors taking advantage of the clients they serviced and the employees that made their profits possible. Therefore, I set out on this mission to redefine the contractor and employer image and set a new standard which so few were willing to meet at the time. 

This is the point and core principal of Yellow Moon Construction, to create a new level of accountability, decency and respect for the future of our industry to always aim for.  We are always raising the bar and setting new goals and expectations, to help us continuously achieve levels of excellence that you as a client, homeowner and person deserve. 

I am proud to see other contractors stepping up and taking cue over the years that we have been in business. The environment has changed with the help of access to reviews and referral services, forcing accountability in our industry. I am even more proud that we began our business with personal accountability as our driving force, and to date have never waivered or lost sight of the importance of being honorable and trustworthy in our relationships with our clients and employees. 

I am excited to continue this journey and to have the opportunity to prove our high standards to you, as your potential contractor of choice for whatever project you may have now and to come. 


Sean King