Our process


Yellow Moon Construction 

More than just remodeling…

We understand that taking on any size of project in your home can become overwhelming, both before and throughout the remodel process. It is always our goal to keep our clients excited, engaged and satisfied with their home improvement experience.  There are some key factors we consistently strive to uphold, which help us accomplish our goal of complete client satisfaction time and time again. These factors are:

  • Transparency and honesty
  • Prompt, clear and regular communication
  • Impeccable and detailed information sharing
  • Advance preparation and scheduling
  • Organization and cleanliness
  • Immediate conflict resolution and problem solving
  • Maintaining good attitudes and consideration for everyone, always

Our process details how these factors allow us to provide you with the best possible experience throughout the entirety of your project, which includes:

  • Free initial consults to help determine the best and most efficient strategy and design concept to achieve the outcome that adheres to your vision and integrates with the integrity of your home. 
  • We provide in-depth and detailed itemized estimates which allow you to fully comprehend the process and development of your project. As well to help you maintain control of your project budget. 
  • Upon acceptance, we lock you into our schedule with a $900 deposit, which simply gets applied to your project budget once underway. This allows us to begin the critical phase of planning and design, so everything is completely ready when the project begins. 
  • We have ample experience offering in house design, as well as working with outside design firms of your choice. We are also partnered with a reputable local design company, which allows us to seamlessly collaborate on complex projects which demand extreme care when planning through the details.
  • Every project, large or small, is treated with the same consideration as though it is our own home. Organization and cleanliness are key to keeping the environment conducive to being positive, stress free and efficient. As well to provide a healthy and safe workplace in the home for us and for you. 
  • It is rare to find a project that is free from the unknown. Inside your walls there is an entire world of unknowns. We do our best to anticipate these in our estimates, in disclaimers only- not in the cost, to help minimize the distress caused by discovering further repairs needed to appropriately complete the project. Upon discovery of any over and beyond scope element, or requests to change or add scope by you, we promptly provide detailed and itemized change orders and discuss the impacts to the project total budget. This offers you the chance to carefully decide how best to move forward. 
  • Our weekly billing provides the same in-depth and itemized structure as our estimates. You see exactly what was completed and how much labor and material each cost. As well you get an up to date project overview statement, which details the total estimated amounts, including change orders, plus a running balance sheet showing amounts paid and invoices submitted. 
  • Finally, we never leave a project without a guarantee that you are 100% satisfied. No matter the issue, we will always work with you to find the fair and reasonable solution. To date, we have never left a project where our client would have to think twice about referring us. Every client matters to us and it is our mission to forge a lifelong relationship as your contractor of choice.