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Yellow moon construction was built by Sean King and Greg Stebbins. The foundation of this company is made up of solid determination and concrete values. Instilled by generations of hard earned wisdom, mentored by tradesmen who themselves sought to master in their trade.  We as a team strive to maintain this concept of mastery in every aspect that is Yellow Moon Construction,  which we believe goes far beyond just the element of construction.

We understand that taking on any size of project in your home can become overwhelming, so it is our goal to keep our clients excited about their home improvements. We believe this is accomplished through cleanliness and organization, transparency, open dialogue, awareness and probably most importantly a good attitude. We invite any size project through our doors and have the means, knowledge and resources to accomplish your project to exceed your expectations.  Yellow Moon Construction is licensed, bonded and insured. License # yellomc885QN

Sean King

I have been a career carpenter for over 13 years.  I began learning the trade from my father who ran his own company since early adulthood to present.  I earned my disciplined work ethics as many young men often fail to realize, by simply learning the lessons that hard work cultivates. I have had many mentors and feel grateful to have learned from so many different perspectives in so many aspects of construction. Being a general contractor provides me the freedom to actually implement the vast array of qualities and disciplines that I have accumulated from all my mentors and co-workers throughout my career.  I enjoy the problem solving nature of construction and the concept of building something that starts in someone’s imagination and creating it their reality. I look forward to an opportunity to be considered as your new potential contractor for whatever your project may be. 

Greg Stebbins

At a young age, I was given the amazing opportunity to work as a carpenter for a prominent seattle business man. It was during this decade long time where my love and skill for the trade flourished by remodeling historic residential Seattle homes into apartment and studio living spaces.  Since then I have worked on many other remodel and repair projects where I have honed and mastered my skills into a dedicated and confident craftsman. I am sincere and honest and my goal is to please the customer always. As a general contractor I will strive to provide quality work that is unique and specific to the client's dreams, requests, and hopes. To me, there is nothing greater than working hard to create an image or idea that not only satisfies the client, but becomes a purposeful and functional reality for the client's space. From small projects to large endeavors, we would be obliged and honored to be your future contracting remodeling and repair company of choice.